Original design from the 1969 comic

Betsy Cow aka Itsey-Betsy or Beatrice/Elizabeth, is the five year old hyper-active niece of Clarabelle Cow who made her only appearance in the 1969 comicTriple-Sitter Trouble.

Triple-Sitter Trouble

In the comic, Daisy's nieces April, May, and June accept the job of babysitting Clarabelle's hyper-active niece Itsey-Betsy. At first the girls believe she's playing hide and seek and begin to look for her. May is then kicked out of the bedroom which results in the girls search in the room. When they reach the bed, the mattress flips over landing on the girls revealing Betsy flipped the mattress. Soon playing "roundup" Betsy ropes the girls and practically drags them all over the house. The comic ends with the girls trading with Huey, Dewey, and Louie, who were working on Clarabelle's yard.

In HoraceLand

For every Clarabelle in every universe, her young niece Betsy was always there...

Despite not being in anything after Triple-Sitter Trouble HoraceLand establishes that Betsy has always stayed with her aunt in every universe, each with different personalities and appearances. This is the complete list:


Jr. Lieutenant Betsy

Itsey- Betsy

Lady Betsy

Text Betsy

Hailey Betsy

Mystic Betsy